Sunday, June 19, 2005

Minister Mentor?

It is kind of funny that Singapore has a Minister Mentor, Senior Minister, Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister. For PM and DPM I can understand, but Minister Mentor and Senior Minister, it is kind of absurd. What are their job functions? Is there a need to have all these. Chinese has a saying, "Chang Jiang Hou Lang Tui Qian Lang" meaning the new waves pushes the old waves. To me it seems that the MM and SM are not confident that the chosen PM and DPM can lead Singapore properly.

Over the decades, Mr Lee and Mr Goh had did a great job leading Singapore. They had contribute most of their lifetime in creating a modern Singapore. Now I would think that it is time for them to pass down the country's burdens to younger generations. Spend more time with their family and friends, enjoy their lives, they deserved it.

Mr Lee once said "If someone tried to ruin Singapore, he would get up from his grave". Ehhh.....What if he is cremated?

If I get a chance to talk to Mr Lee, I would tell him, he had already done enough for Singaporeans, he can now enjoy his life. No need for him to keep on carrying the burden anymore. Be like Dr M, he is now enjoying life with his wife and family. No more politics. Only a carefree life. To me that is the best way of life. No need to carry a title like Minister Mentor and Senior Minister.

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