Friday, June 03, 2005

Father's Day

I'm very lucky to have him as my father. My Father's the best in the world. Sometimes I would think that I'm not worthy. He studied till only Primary 5 in the 1960's. But he managed to make it big once. In the early 80's, he is a proud owner of a Mercs and 2 LIVE HORSES. My father is a very capable man. He managed to raise a healthy and comfortable family with limited earnings.

Yes, REAL, BREATHING HORSES which competes in a turf club. But that is in the 1980's. He was a rich man once. But that's the past. I do not have much memories of him. I only remember him as a very strict and crazy father. He used to caned me as if I'm an animal. He'll just cane without thinking of where to hit, face, body, arms, legs, anywhere.

In 1984, he sent me to Singapore to study. I remembered that I would cry whenever I have to leave KL and go Singapore. As a child, who would wants to leave their parents? No matter how your parents treat you, they are your parents after all.

Can you imagine a 6 yrs old, alone in Singapore, thinking of when he can go back to his parents side. I never enjoy parental love at all. I don't get to have toys, no crackers, no sweets, no fast foods. I would sleep in a mattress on the floor. When I was younger, I would think that why they wanted to sent me to Singapore? Is it necessary to do so? Now I would think that my parents gave most to me by sending me to Singapore. At least I had a better education then my brothers.

I remember vividly that once, when I'm 8 yrs old, my father made a trip to Singapore to visit me. Since his business failed in 1985, he has not been working since. He brought me to Goldhill Square, now known as United Square in Novena, during lunch time. I told him that I want to makan McDonald's, so he went a buy a Filet-o-fish for me. No drinks or fries, only the burger. He just pass the burger to me. I asked him why he is not eating. He said he is not hungry. I don't know why, I just pass him the burger and told him that we share the burger. He just ate it without any complains. Till today, I wonder why my father only buy 1 burger for 2 of us. Is it because he does not have much to spend? I prefer not to know.

If someone ask who I respect the most in the world, I would not hesitate to say its my father.

Next time when I die, when god ask me whether I would want him as my father again next life. I would say no, I would want him as my child so I can take care of him like he took care of me, loving me unconditionally.


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