Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Indian Superhero

Super Heroes never fails to captures anyone's interests, from young to old, everyone loves superheroes. However, it seems that only US and Japan creates the most SuperHeroes we've known. We have movies, TV shows about them. Example, for Superman, there's a total of 5 movies since late 1970s, Spiderman,X-Men,Ultraman,Power Rangers each have their fair share of movies and TV shows too.

Now let's welcome the newest superhero from INDIA, Krrish. (^^)I can't help but to download this hype movie which is making waves in India before its launch sometime back ago. Reviewers said that this movie is a "SuperDuper Hit from Bollywood". Although I'm not a Bollywood fan except for the pretty actresses that they had. I had the urge to watch this movie and see what's so great about it.

Like in all Bollywood movies, we will be greeted with dancing and singing around the garden, hiding behind trees, hero and heroine looking at each other passionately in the eyes , a few times throughout the movie. And to mind you, most of Bollywood movies are about 3hrs long. And the hero and heroine are both handsome and beautiful.

Krrish had all these ingredients. I don't know why Bollywood movies are made this way. But who cares as long as the producers are making money from it.

After watching the movie, I had some conclusions about this movie. Although the storyline sucked, but the scenary in the beginning of the movie really took my breath away. It seems that this place is somewhere in India. And like all superheroes, he is poor. He doesn't even have the money to buy his own mask. Plus he don't fly.

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