Sunday, July 30, 2006

NEW PC Project

Starting September, I'll be building a new PC, I'll probably take 3 months to complete building my PC due to budget constraints. So I'll start off with a 17" Samsung Flat Screen Monitor.

In October, I'll get a 250/320GB Seagate/Maxtor Harddisk, a cheap 450W ATX Casing.

For the Grand Finale, I'll get AMD Athlon 64Bit X2 3800+MHz (AM2), but if the price go further down till that time, I'll get myself a AMD Athlon 64Bit X2 4200+ MHz (AM2). For the motherboard, I'll just get a normal/cheap one with 4 ram lots, doesn't have to be SLI/Crossfire ready, but who knows, maybe till November, price for a SLI/Crossfire motherboard will be at an acceptable level. A cheap 256mb PCI-E card and 1GB Ram.

And I'll get all this below $2000.

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