Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Handphone Nowadays

Handphones nowadays are getting smaller and more feature packed. Unlike the old days of the BRICK, modern handphones comes with camera, mp3s, BlueTooth, memory cards and tons of other features which I don't know. Unlike in the late 1980s, HPs those days can kill a man, imagine using a Motorola's Brick and knocking it on the head of your enemy. HPs used to weight a few KGs compare to now, less then 100gms. I really have to salute the inventors/innovators of modern HPs. Thanks to them, smaller, features packed HPs are made available to us. And THANKS to them, our wallet are getting thinner.

In the early days, you'll have to pay up to 10-20 thousands just to own one. Now you can get a basic phones for less then $200. I don't know how much I've spent on buying handphones. I don't even quite remember how many handphones I've owned. Now let me try to list them out in chronological order.

Ericsson(forgot what model) => Motorola 8700 => Startec 90 => Nokia 8810 => Nokia 8210 => Nokia 8250 => Startec X => SE T600 => SE K700i => HP RW6828

Up till now, I've already owned 10 handsets since 1998. Which makes me using 1.25 handsets per year. The prices of the phones are not cheap when they are still consider new. Sometimes spending some thousands dollars on one phone. Till today, the value of the phones that I've owned are of no value but a bunch of unrecyclable junks.

So I've a conculsion, from today onwards, I'll never buy any phones above $700 anymore. So I'll have to wait until K750i or K800i to drop until below $700 before I buy them (^^)

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