Sunday, May 15, 2005

Whose fault is this?

It actually started like this. My driver's license is due on Monday 16th May 2005. As I'm working on Monday, I've to renew my license on Friday. And Friday morning only. Why? Cause Fridays are prayers day for all Muslims. Meaning shorter working hours.

So I woke up at 8am, go for breakfast and proceed to JPJ Wangsa Maju. As my friend told me the previous night, there is a drive thru counter which you can renew your road tax and driver's license without stepping out of the car. I decided to try this out.

I chose to go after the morning peak period. Good choice, cause no jams, even at Batu Caves. So I reached JPJ at around 9.45am. When I try to proceed to the drive thru counter, a jaga stopped me. Ask me where am I going. I said that I wanted to renew my license at the drive thru. He told me that it will be open at 10.00am. 15 mins only, I can wait. 1 or 2 cigarettes and it will be 10.00am. So I just ask the guard to let me go and queue up since its only 15 mins wait.

I parked my car by the side of the road since the counter is not yet open. KLKK(Walk Here Walk There in Hokkien) for a while. Then 1 stupid woman jumped queue and park in front of me. WTF! The aunty never knew anything about manners. Never mind, no big issue here. Below is the picture of the car in front of me. I am so bo liao to take the picture.

Anyway, I just wait for the time to reach 10am. And aha, 10am came after I finished 1 cigarette.

But no one came to open the counter.

10.05 am - Still no one
10.10 am - Empty
10.15 am - Target sighted. One aunty slowly walked towards the drive thru as if she is the super model of Malaysia. If she really is the supermodel of Malaysia, I'll gouge my eyes out for free, and die in my puke without regrets.

So she proceed with the car in front of me. Then my turn. I handed her both my mother and my license to her. Told her to renew 2 yrs each. That will costs me Rm 120 total. So I pass her three 50 ringgit bills. She said that she does not have any change yet. Never mind. Luckily I just have enough small change for her. Passed her Rm 20 small change.

Now here comes the exciting part.

Among the RM 20, she rejected one 5 ringgit bill. Why? Because some idiot wrote something like this on the note.

"I orang Hansem, Nak cari Lelaki, call 012-2XXXXXX "

Come on please, I believe here in Malaysia, guys are easily available and no advertisements needed.

Never mind, I politely took back the 5 ringgit bill, and proceed to dig my wallet for another 5 ringgit.

Now this is the best part!!!!!

I only managed to have 4 ringgit in my wallet, never mind, she can accept coins also. So I proceed to dig high and low for another 1 ringgit in coins. And you know what. I only managed to get 85 sens.


Then she said 1 sens also can. I continue to look high and low for 15 sens. And in the end I only managed another 8 sens.

So total 85 + 8 = 93 sens. Still short off 7 sens!!!!!!!!!!

For the first time in my life I felt that I needed 7 sens so badly.

In the end, I have to park my car some where. Walk to the mamak store, get myself a pack of cigarettes and get some small change.

Now the conclusion.

Whose fault is this?

1) The JPJ aunty who open the counter without any small change.
2) Me without extra small change in my wallet.
3) Some IDIOT who wrote stupid things on the 5 ringgit note like a gigolo.

Hint: Option 1 and 3 seems very promising ;)

P/S: Keep all the 1 sens in your car, you'll never know when you needed them.

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Anonymous said...

hahahha LOL.. so interesting n detail huh? btw if i was there i'll get mad n angry at the person in JPJ!!! really bad service.. because i think it nothing to do between their job and the money with ads on it...hahahahahaa...