Wednesday, May 25, 2005


HAHA, Let me tell you something my friends. I'm now on a one week leave. Starting last Saturday 21st May. And I'm very happy about it.

I have nothing to do so I can spend my time resting at home and downloading from the Internet.

No work = means can sleep till very late. Means no need to get stuck in traffic jams.

Jealous? Don't be. Cause I'm working 12hrs shift unlike you people. So it means that I'm suffering from sleeping disorder.

Yeah Yeah, some of you might think that I'll be working 6 months a year and getting full year's pay. What can I say? I'm also working. BUT I'm working more hours per day then the normal 8 hours. So at the end of the day, I'm also working the same number of hours as you people.

Since I have so much time off per month, I think I'll just do part time servicing computers.


A place to relax. I love SPA. And I would like to recommend one particular SPA in Wisma MPL. The name has been changed to Andaman(I think).

Its a SPA for girls as well as guys, but all seperated. Girls will be in one room and guys another. Facilities includes Suana, SteamBath, Hot Pool, Cold Pool, Shiatsu or Oil Massage. Unlimited supply of food, drinks and cigarettes, Astro, Internet and mini theatre. For Rm 110 ++. I think it is very worthy. And if you are going with your girlfriend, a special room can be arranged for you. But please behave. No hanky panky. Unless you want everyone in the SPA to be watching.

I went there on Monday, and spent the whole day there with a friend. Just relaxing there. Its my friend's virgin trip there. So he is very impressed with the environment there. He said that place is a very good place for business talks. I agreed with him. But I told him that another one at Citibank Building is even better.

I shall go there next month if I got the time. It is even more posh and more majestic then the one at Wisma MPL.

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