Monday, May 16, 2005

Sleeping Disorder?

Can someone tell me why I have to wake up at around 3am every night? I am very tired from doing 12 shift but WTF am I experiencing all this?

我真的很不正常了 !


I must go and see a doctor soon. Can Doctor Nick help? 8)

People, like me who rate sleeping as number one pass time, who does not get to enjoy 7-8 hrs sleep a day, to me is a torture.

Am I under too much pressure? Am I getting old?

Hmm....Let me see:

1) I'm working 14days a month, 7days & 7nights, 12 hours per day. Does the work schedule affect my body clock?
2) Working pressure? Majority of my work is very simple. Nothing much. I can managed the whole data centre alone. BUT is it because my colleagues are taking too much days off without getting prior approval causing me the not so song feeling?
3) Lack of social life? The last time I had dinner with my bunch of friends is in Feb 05.
4) Too many offdays which makes me having too much time to rest while not working?
5) Still single? Maybe I still dun have someone to nag at me yet. ;)
6) Streamyx at home which give me the urge to surf anytime?
7) Lack of SEX? Regular dose administered.
8) Lack of holidays? I seldom take leave cos I had so many offdays per month.
9) Too many cigarettes? I think I shall switch to cigar.

I know, I think I need a girlfriend. So fibi,miao you know what to do? You don't no?
Introduce more friends without batang to me!!! 8) Understood? Tak mau Batang.

Actaully joking only. I still quite enjoy being single. Why?

Let me explain with the following equation.


* Where NGF = No Girl Friend, MPTG = More Places To Go, MGTK = More Girls To Know, NN = No Nagging

If you multiply NGF with the number of years when you are single. Eg.

NGF x 2 Yrs Single = 2 Yrs of Freedom(Peace)

Being single is good. But I'm not telling you people to be single all the way. I'm also looking for the right one, but now still not able to meet anyone yet.

On Wednesday, I shall go cut my hair. Now my fringe reached my chin. My father kept on scolding me. Finally have to give in. Or maybe just ask the barber to trim a bit enough. Tipu a bit then can close case.

Do you know that it's physically impossible to lick your elbows?

Wait a minute, why are you trying to lick your elbows.

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