Thursday, June 05, 2008


The price of petrol has increased 40%, whether you like it or not. Its not going to be easy for everyone nowadays. An 18% increment on Electric is also coming our way in July.

Subsidies are scheduled to be given to the people. But is it enough?

My answer is NO!!!!!!

My car has a 40 litre tank. If a litre costs $2.70, a full tank will cost $108.00. Compared to the previous price, I had to fork out another extra $31.20. And in a month I'll need at least 4-6 tanks of petrol for my car. So that makes extra $124.80 - $187.20 more.

Imagine, 6 tanks of petrol, $648.00, plus the toll that I used everyday. 153.60, plus the parking that I might have to pay. So it can be touching the 1K mark easily every month. With the monthly installment of $800 I have to pay for my car, plus the annual insurance and road tax.

In a year, the money that I have to spend on my car will be about $20.5K. Without the installments to the bank, I still have to spend almost $11K on the basic running of the car. And this amount does not include trips to the workshop.

And they are only giving us a subsidy of $625 per year??? Its only $52.08 per month.

With Highways projects being paid by the Government, and yet they allow companies to ask money from us. Who does all these companies belongs to? Government pay you to build highways, people pay toll to use roads. What is this??? PAP (Pay and Pay)???

Yes, our petrol might still be the cheapest in the region. But do you know that our pay is also one of the lowest in the region. People $1 gets $2.38. Don't compare us with Philippines and Indonesia, both Governments are a disgrace. Or are we steering towards their directions?

Learn from our neighbors down idiots!!!!!!

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