Sunday, June 15, 2008

Converting My Car

TheStar quoted that the Government might subsidies people who convert their vehicles to run on NGV.

I seriously have to consider alternatives to petrol. Its either I take a bus to work which will costs me RM$ 93.00 per month or convert my car to run on NGV which costs about RM$ 8.50 for approximately 200KM.

On Bus:
RM$ 213 per month, with my company subsidizing RM$ 120 every month, I have to pay RM$ 93.00. To which I have to sacrifice time, waking up earlier to catch the bus to work and reaching home later. I forecast that I'll be spending at least 2hrs - 3.5hrs traveling on the road per day depending on the traffic situation. Going for this option will have me lose my freedom of going anywhere after my office hours. I do not want to go back to the times when I was working in Singapore.

Currently I'm spending between RM$ 300-400 on petrol alone for my car. For every 1 cycle of 4 days work, I'll have to travel close to 400KM. So its like 1 tank of petrol for every 4 days of work. And the last amount that I spent for filling up is about RM$75.00. Plus I have to spent a total of RM$ 20.60 on tolls for 1 cycle of work. So for a month, I have to spend about RM$ 400 on toll and petrol just to come to work.

Considering the fact that for RM$8.50 of Natural Gas can runs about 200KM. For a month, I might be spending RM$150.40 for toll and NG for coming to work. I might save about RM$ 250 per month if I convert my car to run on NG. So in a year, I might save up to RM$ 3K.

As reported it costs about RM$ 3-5K to install a NGV kit, so I might be able to break even the installation costs in a year. I think I'll go for it but I'll have to wait for the Government's confirmation on subsidizing us for installing NGV kits.

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