Tuesday, December 26, 2006

What I Wanted

In the near future, these are the things that I wanted. Hopefully, someone remembers my Bday and can get them for me as presents.

Camcorders, Handphones are the main items which I'll be on a look out for next year. On the digital camera side, I will not be needing one till some time 3-5yrs later. My current one is still very handy and can get the job done easily.

Handphones are getting much more better equipped then before. With optical zoom, flash, etc.

Nokia's N93 and SE K800i tops my list.
And SE W700i also captures my attention. It comes with step counters, calorie counters, etc which are useful to people with active lifestyles. Who knows, maybe I'll take up some sports for a change. And also its been a long time since I'd used a clamshell phone.

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