Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sleeping Disorder

I'm beginning to become a nocturnal creature. I can't sleep at night, and I can only fall asleep when the Sun is rising. Sometimes even after my day shift which ends at 8pm, I can stay awake till next day 8pm. I've tried to seek some sort of help from my panel doctor, but that fucker does want to provide me with any medications. I think they are trying to save costs for my company. CB!!!

If this problem of mine still persists, I'll knock on their door every night since I cannot sleep at night and kacau them until they cannot sleep themselves. CCB.

Sometimes, I wonder is it because that my heart is just too wild. Sort of in a dilemma, I wanted to sleep, but I wanted to watch movies. I wanted to go out but I just wanted to lie down on my bed. It seems that I just cannot settle down. Or is it because of my blood pressure, which is a bit high for my age, are causing these symptoms?

I think I'll try meditating, learn the art of breathing. (^^)

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