Monday, October 16, 2006

New Phone?

I know I've just got myself a Pocket PC phone, but the thing is since it is called the PocketPC, its just like a PC, you'll have to occasionally reset the unit. Besides resetting the unit, its a tedious job to write SMS. Besides these 2 cons, I'm very satisfied with it being able to store SMS, I've had about 3000 plus messages in my unit.

But because of the way that I had to write my SMS and the occasional rebooting the system, I want a new traditional handphone. A nice one, like the Sony Ericsson's K800i. But due to the price is still high, I think its either that I get myself a Moto L7 or SE's K750i. Or I can revert back to my SE's K700i.

So the priority now is to just save money first.

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