Monday, January 23, 2006


Have you ever wondered why people keeps on saying that you can earn money by surfing the Internet? Tell you the truth, they are not lying at all!!! And mind that I had saw pictures of cheques issued to Malaysians. I tend to be skeptic at first but believe me, my StudioTraffic account is actually generating profits for me on a daily basis. Not much in the beginning, but it will grow till a huge amount after sometime. I would prefer not to fork out any of my own money to invest in the program, in case this is a scam job, my loss would only be my time on the Internet.

Still don't believe me?

This is one of the cheques posted on the forum that is being paid to one of the user here in Malaysia. The Issuer(or something 8P) of the cheque is Studiopay (M) Sdn. Bhd. I've checked the company's name in and this is what I found:

1.Studiopay Service
27-5, 5th Floor, Jln Pju 1/42a, Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: 03-7806 5371

It seems that there is such company existing in Malaysia. It defintely boosts my confidence in joining up.

Upon signing up, Studiotraffic will give you a free 10USD into your account, consider this your account level. The company will pay you 1% of your account level for surfing the required number of sites everyday,ranging from 50-200 sites depending on your account level. Now this is where you work your wealth from. I know 10 USD are nothing, but look at the chart below:

Example: If you start off with the initial 10 USD you had, and worked your way up till the 24th month. Then you can see the money coming in. Interesting eh?

Month 1: Account Level = $10 Earnings = $3.00 Balance:3.00

Month 2: Account Level = $10 Earnings = $3.00 Balance:6.00

Month 3: Account Level = $10 Earnings = $3.00 Balance:9.00

Month 4: Account Level = $10 Earnings = $3.00 Balance:12.00

Month 5: Account Level = $20 Earnings = $6.00 Balance:8.00

Month 6: Account Level = $20 Earnings = $6.00 Balance:14.00

Month 7: Account Level = $30 Earnings = $9.00 Balance:13.00

Month 8: Account Level = $40 Earnings = $12.00 Balance:15.00

Month 9: Account Level = $50 Earnings = $15.00 Balance:20.

Month 24: Account Level = $2640 Earnings = $792.00 Balance:793.00

So the basic of this business plan is to top up your account level with your earnings every month until the amount that you want to earn. I would suggest to start withdrawing the money on the 25th month(USD 1029). But people tends to be greedy, some would prefer to max out the earnings per month, which is USD 6000. This is possible after 32 months. But bear in mind, every account level upgrade will expire in 12 months time. Meaning if you maxed out your account level at USD 20000, it is possible that Studiotraffic will stop paying you after 12 months. So be wise.

Interested? You can earn serious money and the possible of you being cheated of your money is virtually zero. And you can earn money if you had people under your wings, but this is not MLM. Even if your downline does not surf, your earnings will not be affected at all.

Since joining up 12 days ago, my account now has USD1.20=RM4.50=Mee Goreng + Milo Ice (^^)

Don't Hesitate. Click on the banner below to sign up. Or Email me if you want more information.

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