Saturday, January 28, 2006

Chinese New Year's Eve 2006

I woke up very early in the morning at around 3.30am on New Year's Eve. Nothing to do. I just wasted some time on the net and around 6.00am, SMSed Jing, KKpan, Nick and Ah 9 for breakfast. Only Ah 9 reply the sms, so we went to Petaling Street for breakfast at 玉壶轩. On our way there, we saw something very interested while waiting for a traffic light near Ah 9's place. We were hoping for the bottle to fall off when the car starts moving. Apparently, it didn't! I think he must be hoping to be Takumi Fujiwara from Initial D (^^)

Sad to say, there's nothing much left at the restuarant when we reached there, quite disappointing, and it's only 7.30am. KNNBCCB!!!!! Anyway, after makan we take a short walk around Petaling Street and saw these,

At night, me, Nick, Jing, KKpan & partner went to watch Jet Li's Fearless. The show starts at 12.00am and we arrived at Times Square at around 10.30pm. After we had collected the tickets, we decided to spent some time at Starbucks.

Ooi!Take some photos leh. Don't be camera shy.

See Me and Nick so sporting.

KKpan and GF. The two lovebirds. 8)

Ooi!KKpan be more serious leh. See Jing is so sporting. I'll take your own shot then you know.

See, even your GF is laughing at you. Come on lar, you are not young already.

And Thanks for the 2nd present.

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