Monday, November 21, 2005

Penang Trip

Day 1

I reached Penang Bridge at about 5.30pm. After 4 hours of bus ride which costs me RM$27.00. I tried to take a picture of George Town from the Penang Bridge, but due to the rain, the effect is quite disappointing. I do not have much time left and I need to check into my hotel before 8pm, I was supposed to checked in before 6pm, but due to some unforseen incident, I had to asked for extention from the Hotel.The room and beds are really clean. Sure is a nice place to be while it is raining outside.

It's rest after dinner, so much for Day 1 of the much needed holiday. 8(
Day 2
Komtar. The Tallest building in Penang Island. Taken from the hotel room.

After checking out, I decided to have my breakfast at this coffee shop. Looks old, but from my experience, the food there must be very nice. Morover the uncle who is char-ing the Char Kuay Tiaw looks very busy. The Char Kuay Tiaw must be very nice. I decided to order 1 large plate with extra chilli paste.

Tada!! My favourite Penang Char Kuay Tiaw is here, look at the prawns. And it only costs 3.00 ringgit. And the prawns are so fresh, you can really feel the crispiness of the prawns when you bite into them.

Next is the famous prawn noodles, eh... the taste is not as what I expected. My advice, never try to mix prawn noodles soup with luo mee soup like me, it just doesn't work for me.

Next I moved over to the famous chendol stall. Just look at the queue. OMG. The boss must be driving a Mercs or BMW. I must ask him to be my God-father already.

1 bowl only costs me about Rm 1.30, really worth it.

Just look at me, another statisfy customer like the others.

Not only me, Chu and Rosie also thinks so. What can I say, Best in Penang and Prai, some say Alor Star? Don't Pray Pray (^^)

OMG, am I fit or what. (^^)

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