Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Going Home

I took a 8.30am bus from Penang to KL on Monday morning. The bus is really fast. I reached KL at about 12.22pm. I think the driver must be eyeing a job to be F1 racer. (^^) God, I'm hungry, I decided to go and have pahdah pah pah pah(McDonalds). But the queue is terrible. So I decided to take Kenny Rogers.

Nice Slogan. Wait till you see that bill, it is not sweet.

The makan that I ordered. Tastes ok only lar. I don't know why I just can't seems to enjoy KR.

Then I walked over to the Central Market to get a bus home. FUCK I waited for about 1 hour and still no bus here yet. Could it be I am waiting at the wrong bus stop? No Fuck, I decided to take a train home. So I hopped on a Star LRT from Masjid Jamek to Bandaraya Station. Costs me 1.20.

After I got down, I still have to walk a long distance before I reach the KL Kommuter service. Fuck KL's public transport systems.

I have to wait for 11 minutes for the train to come. Never mind, I'll wait.

The train is finally here. I simply jumped into it without looking where it is going. I realised something strange as I found the coach to be very empty. I decided to check my photos.

Fuck, this train is going to Sentul instead of Rawang. The Rawang bound train was suppose to come before the Sentul bound train. Fuck Kommuter.

Shit, I got off at the next station and waited for another 5 minutes before the right train came. This is the correct coach as it is quite full. Cheebye Kommuter.

Finally, I reached Kepong after much vulgarities.

Conclusion, I desperately need a car and I'll never take another public transport unless the need arises. Fuck KL's public transport systems!!

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