Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Very Happy Aaden

For starters, he celebrated his 2 birthday, the Chinese Lunar calendar and the normal one.

On the 2nd November 2010, which is equivalent of his Lunar Calendar’s Birthdate. The Aunt from Singapore and my mom are virtually spoiling him. Red packets, kisses.

2010-11-02 02112010 003

See him looking at the first round of red packets he collected.

2010-11-02 02112010 004

The traditional prayers we had for a young member of the family.

2010-11-02 02112010 019

Riding his birthday bike (^_^)

2010-11-02 02112010 037

Of course, there is the customary Chinese tradition of foretelling his future. Apparently, Aaden is more attracted to pens and papers rather then the chicken drumsticks. Meaning, he will be a scholar in the future….I hoped…..But I would rather let him explore his own interests then forcing him do what he doesn’t like. A more open education rather then a whip-and-cane education as imposed by some kiasu parents.

2010-11-02 02112010 041

No doubts, things aren’t gonna be simple, but life will have its way in the future.

2010-11-02 02112010 049

And the evening is his celebration with his friends. In fact my wife’s friends actually.

2010-11-02 02112010 055

2010-11-02 02112010 068

Just look at how the grandparents are smiling. Really cannot understand how’s the feeling of being a granddad for now. Why the pampering, the doting? Really have no idea on why old people are behaving like that towards their grandchildren.

2010-11-02 02112010 065

And celebrating the “2nd” Birthday on 12th November 2010.

Pictures 12112010 003

Their ‘PRECIOUSSSS………….’

Pictures 12112010 006

Pictures 12112010 007

Pictures 12112010 008

Pictures 12112010 010

Pictures 12112010 021

Pictures 12112010 020

2010-11-13 12112010 003

2010-11-13 12112010 007

2010-11-13 12112010 008

2010-11-13 12112010 009

Pictures 12112010 026

Pictures 12112010 033

Actually, besides Aaden being the center of attention in this post, my dad is actually the one who is the cutest…..(^^)

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