Thursday, August 06, 2009

My Parents

You know, time flies before you know it. Looking past me, I’m already 31 coming to 32. It seems like yesterday I was still a 17-18 old kid, walking from my house to ‘teach’ some one how to use a computer. Started my first actual job in Malaysia, going to work in Singapore. Then BOOM!!!! I’m gonna be a dad next :)

Looking back, which always contains memories of all sorts. I decided to start this blog to keep track of what has happened all my life. Keeping records so that my children may one day understand how his father lived. This might be the only source I would have to keep my ‘legacy’ alive.

Thus this post is dedicated to my parents. From their youth till now.

Their 1 of 2 wedding photos07-05-2009-13-53-45-859_edited-1-1

07-05-2009-13-53-45-859_edited-9My Grandma and me (of course I have to show you that I’ve been this cute since young :Þ)

07-05-2009-13-53-45-859_edited-6Mom, Dad, Me, Grandma and Aunt

Family_edited-1Youngest Brother, Dad, Mom, 2nd Brother and me

IMG_3996 [800x600]Taken on 5/July/2009.

Gosh, they have aged a lot.

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