Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Ron 92

With rumors that prices of Ron97 fuels going to be higher starting July. I made a drastic yet simple move.
  1. I read through my Myvi manual. Found that fuel with Ron90 and above is suitable for my car engine.
  2. Go to Mobil station near my house, filled the car up with 30l of Ron92 petrol, saving RM3 per tankful.
And after 3 tankfuls, no difference in performance and mileage for my car. If my car can go on Ron92 petrol, I didn't see why it cannot take Ron95 petrol which the Government is going to introduced in Sept 2009.

Anyway, expected the prices of Ron97 is RM2 and Ron95 is RM1.75 per litre by Sept 2009. For every 30l, I would save RM7.50 per tankful. And if I filled my car up 6 times in a month, I would have saved RM45 per month, and in a year saved RM540.

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