Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Very Late Food Post

Its been months since I've returned from Guilin. After 2 weeks there, how can I survived there with those people eating rats, horse meat and dog meat? Nah, actually most of those mentioned are only eaten by some exquisite people there.

For a guy like me, so big in size, many of you may wondered how can I survive there for 2 weeks. Well, for almost every meal, I had this.

A rice noodle dish which is easily available in almost every part of Guilin. You can either have it dry or soup. Not disgusting at all. In fact, I love it. Rice noodles topped with fried pork similar to our Siew Yoke, spicy sour bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. A must try for everyone going there.

Well, we did have a meal at a quite established restaurant. Although its not very spectacular, but it's nice to have a change.

With almost everything edible in China, I wouldn't want to try those pig penises.

Btw, the 2 large skewers with curly meat are the pig penises.

Still the simplest food is the best for me.

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