Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Savings on your phone

Some of you might think that I'm trying very hard too promote Pfingo. True enough, its the best VIOP I've used so far. Better then Skype in fact. Now it had just got better. Now they are charging 0.02 to China, 0.10 to India, 0.05 to Thailand and 0.06 to Malaysia.

Let's forget about the other countries and focus on Malaysia alone. Being the fact that most people are on prepaid nowadays. The average top up per month is between 30-60. But we are bonded with terms that we are to pay for higher rates per minute to other networks. But if you use Pfingo on your Wifi network, you only have to pay about 0.13 per minute to any number in Malaysia. I doubt that not much local companies are able to match such prices nowadays. Even if they can match the price per minute for local numbers, they won't be able to match the prices to China and India. Not even iTALK.

My prepaid top up for last month is record low of RM$ 20. I made calls to China and Malaysia almost daily.

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