Sunday, September 16, 2007

AirAsia's Flight To Shenzhen

This is the first trip out of South East Asia in 29 years. Kind of sad, but who cares. The furthest I've been so far is Thailand, Hatyai. Anyway, been really excited about this trip since I got my hands on the tickets.The LCCT is more like a warehouse in my own opinion. Although small, it works like any normal airport would minus away the comfort.Don't worry, you can still can cigarettes from its humble duty free shop.
My flight to Shenzhen.As you can see, I'm not happy. No sleep since the previous night, the seat is damn small for me and I can't even recline my seat for some extra comfort.The flight is quite punctual in taking off. No delay as reported in some daily newspaper. Maybe I'm lucky. And 4 hours later, I'm in Shenzhen China.

TIPS: If you want more comfort while flying on Airasia, you can opt for the express boarding while checking in and take the first row seats.

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