Friday, February 09, 2007

Is It True?

Malaysia's trade for 2006 breached the RM1 trillion mark. And due to the recent rally of the stock market, strengthening of the Ringgit against the Dollar, and of course, the exported value. Are the good times really back as reported in all major newspapers today? Even if we had a positive word from the Finance Ministry, how true is true?

Although the Ringgit is now RM 3.50 to USD 1.00, the stockmarket index increased 24% in the last 3 months. What does that means to the people?

Does that means that people are going to get a big pay package, a big bonus from their companies, some incentives from the Government or better infrastructure for Malaysians? Will the people gets to enjoy the fruits of labour together, having to put up with all the numerous increments within the last 24 months? Petrol and toll increments are the most significant and effects almost all who owns a vehicle.

Will the Government reward the people for having tolled so hard throughout these years of so call "Economic Crisis"?

I personally salute to those extraordinary companies who made this RM 1Tr export figure a fact.

I also salute those factors who strengthen the Ringgit against the Dollar.

But I detest those who gamble in the stock markets when they see a chance to make a quick buck. I felt that they are creating another bubble like the one prior to the 1997 crisis. A 24% increment in the composite index in the last 3 months is just too fast in my own opinions. Making it a 8% increase per month. IF the current CI is 1248.83, what will happen if this continue for another 10 months? Does that means that we can expect the CI to hit over 2000 pts in October?

Call me a skeptic. But how well will Malaysia be prepared if another crisis happens again?

Let us hope, pray and see in the near future.

What would you really want yourself if the the good times are really back?

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