Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cineleisure @ Damansara

I went to the newly open Cineleisure at The Curve this morning. From the name, I can know that this mall consists of cinema and shopping. But when I reached there, I saw cinema, yes, shopping, akan datang.The shops are all emtpy. Where is the cineleisure to it? No leisure at all, at this moment, I think what you all can do is to go there buy tickets, watch movie, finished the movie and leave the place.
Chinese believed FengShui very much. A water fountain is just directly in front of the main entrance. Water means wealth in FengShui, meaning with a fountain installed in front of you shor shop or building, it will draw in wealth. I learnt it from Lilian Too. It also means that the owner is a greedy bastard, who knows, maybe that's why all the shop lots are empty till now because of the rent is too high.
This cinema has 10 screens, a standard nowadays. The strange thing is that after you bought the tickets, you have to climb up some stairs to get to the entrance to the cinema.

I think at this moment, whenever you want to watch a blockbuster movie, you might be able to get the tickets here easily. Who knows, this mall might be the hottest place in town in time to come.

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