Friday, October 14, 2005


I am a gadget lover, but not till the extend of being refer to as a techie.

Today I'll just show you all my collection of gadgets/toys.

First is my all reliable digital camera, the Casio Exilim Z55. Little package which packs quite a punch ;)

Next is my collection of PDA. 2 of them are virtually collecting dusts at home.

While the SONY Clie NX80v still accompany me to work occasionally.

Next the SE-K700i which I bought in October 05. Kind of sad to the exterior, it seems that it had been seriuosly ravaged. Nevertheless, it is still a wonderful phone.

The WeWa mp3/flash disk drive. First and last thumb drive for me. Dual function. MP3 player as well as a 128mb flash disk.

Then came the under use GameBoy Advance. I used to play RPG on this baby when travelling to work while I was working in Singapore. Now I do not have any more titles to play on it any more.

Finally, the ever-handy torch lights. Sure comes in handy when there is a blackout, which sad to say is quite frequent in my area.

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